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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

The SEO Robots.txt Generator - Protect Your Site with This SEO Tools

Whether you're designing mobile sites, websites or even just own a site you can use this robots.txt generator. Websites use a robots text file to let the crawlers know about their site. The crawler visits your site and looks for the the.txt file. If that file says not to crawl, the robot will not access your site. It's that simple.

The SEO Robots.txt Generator creates a very similar file to a sitemap that shows pages which need to be added, so the robots.txt syntax is very important for each website. Whenever the search engine goes through any site, it always a great idea to scans the robots.txt file at the domain administrator level. If this is detected, the crawler will read the file and then distinguish the files and directories that may be blocked.

Why wouldn't I want a robot to crawl my site?

Good question. When building a site you might put filler text as a placeholder. It may be duplicate content that you stuffed in there while designing. Or you may have the current site up on your own host while building and testing. You do not want spiders to crawl this temporary information because it can hurt your search engine rankings

By using a robots.txt generator and creating a disallow statement, the crawlers will stay far away. The tool I discovered makes this super easy and you'll have your text file uploaded in no time.

Using the SEO Robots.txt Generator

  1. To start off visit this site.
  2. For testing purposes, I would disallow all the spiders. To do this select Refused under the Default - All Robots are a tab.
  3. Click Create Robots.txt and it will generate your file.
  4. Copy and paste those few lines into a text file and name it robots.txt. Upload that to your root and you're all set (make sure it's in the root!).

*Now if you're designing a mobile site in a specific directory, then just exclude that directory under Restricted Directories. Keep the Allow selection active in Step 2 and then list the directory path you do not want to be crawled.

Why you need the a.txt file to allow search engines to crawl

It's a tough call. Some people say to use a simple robots file to let crawlers know about your site, and others say it doesn't matter. But you don't need even an empty robots.txt file for your site. Most spammers will ignore your file. Google recommends password protecting any content that you don't want anyone to see or using a robots file to disallow.

Why should you use the robots.txt generator?

SEO robots.txt Generation is a very useful tool that facilitates the life of many webmasters, helping them to make their own Googlebot-friendly sites. This SEO robots.txt generator tools can also create the required file for a difficult task in just a little of time and totally free of charge. The SEO Tools A to Z is equipped with a user-friendly interface that provides opportunities to add or exclude things from a robots.txt file.

How to use the robots.txt generator

With the SEO Generator Tool, you can create a robots.txt file on your website by following these steps:

  • Firstly, all robots have access to site files, you can choose the robots you want to enable or disable.
  • Select a crawl delay that shows how long the delay is going through, allowing you to choose your desired delay form 5 to 120 seconds. This is defined as "no delay" by default.
  • If your site already has a Sitemap, you can paste it into a text box. At the same time, you can leave it empty if there is nothing to paste there.
  • When the list of search lists is displayed, you can select the robot you want to index in your site, and you can deny those robots you do not want to index your files.
  • The last step is to edit the directories. The route must contain the track "/" because the route is assigned to the root.
  • After all, when you have finished creating a robot.txt robot file from Googlebot using the SEO tools .txt Generator tool, you can now upload it to the root of your website

Following the rules outlined and creating the robots.txt file, you will keep search engine spiders out of unwanted files and directories, and let them go through the important files to see what your website is all about!

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