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About XML Sitemap Generator

Getting Indexed by Google in Couple of Days – Using the SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools

For those who are not familiar with SEO XML sitemaps, a sitemap is quite simply a map or a guide that lists all the sections and pages of your website. One may find that a lot of websites have this feature, particularly the HTML type, for the benefit of users or visitors who have specific needs that may be answered by the content in your site that is not readily located by clicking on section links or using search engines. It is a practical way of ensuring that users of your site are able to maximize the site to suit their needs.

How to use this XML Sitemap Generator

The SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools are a helpful tool that can be used in optimizing a website. What you need is to enter the URL of your website and select an optional parameter. Then click the "Generate Sitemap" button. Sometimes it takes sometimes for the SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools to finish analyzing your page.

After all, this process will be transferred to the site with details of the generated sitemap. There, it will display a list of broken links, a number of web pages, the link to a sitemap file and XML file content Use the available link to download your sitemap file and store it in the root folder of your site's field. You are more than ready to access the Google Account and your sitemap URL.

Features the SEO XML Sitemap Generator too

  • The user can select the numbers of pages they want to crawl
  • It generates free online SEO XML sitemap
  • The user can select their modification time
  • Choose priority
  • Change frequency

Why you need the SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools

the SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools enable webmasters and website owners and SEO professionals to easily notify various search engines about your website pages and also if provide an update on your site. This process will make a properly and quickly indexed. For all new bloggers, SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools are for you because you might have a lower search engine visibility.

SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools are also very useful for publishers when you determine your authority as the source of the original published content, so search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing are not trying to penalize them. Another good reason for registering sitemaps with some search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google is to find sitemap errors. SEO Tools offer valuable information about the status of the sitemap and found errors.

By registering your Sitemap offers you a great advantage over search engines as it keeps a record and informs search engines about your created or updated content before they can be found on another website. Sending Bing and Google your Sitemaps is a very easy process.

To send the Sitemap to Google, here are some useful steps to follow

  • Firstly you need to ensure that the SEO XML Sitemap is located on your website through your URL.
  • Access the Google Webmaster Tools with your website login information.
  • Select "Index" after that selects "Sitemaps".
  • Tap the red button at the right corner, identified as "Add / Test Sitemap." Then enter the Sitemap URL. Finally, click the Submit Sitemap button.

To send Bing Sitemaps, follow these steps

  • Let the XML Sitemap be located on and through your website through your URL.
  • Access the Bing webmaster tools with your login information
  • Select "Set up my sites" after that "Sitemaps".
  • Enter the Sitemap to enter the full URL of the Inbox.
  • Then click Submit.

The SEO XML Sitemaps are powerful tools for search engines because they make it easier to find a resource for newly created or updated content. And as for webmasters and website owners, the SEO XML Sitemaps can help you create and maintain your position in the website page ranking.

This SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools also help in calculating the entire number of pages and the present number of pages indexed by your site. If the crawl value is decreased in any case, you can take the necessary steps to resolve it.

To make your site more great and user-friendly, you can send snapshot information to your SEO XML Sitemap; this process will help you get more views on Google image search.

Regardless of whether your site is small or just launched, it's always better to drive a search engine optimization routine to get more visitors to your site and get a good website rating for your website pages.

In most cases, it's a good idea to create a Sitemap on your site, and you won't want to get punished for it. However, this does not ensure your site is crawled because search engines like Google use sophisticated algorithms that can sometimes work differently.

Where you can place Sitemaps

First, you need to use the SEO XML Sitemap Generator tools to get your XML Sitemap files. Download the Google sitemap.xml file and then upload the root directory to your website. If you have multiple XML Sitemaps, download the file, expand it, and download all Sitemap files to your site's root directory and the submit these to goolge webmaster, bing webmaster and yahoo webmaster for better ranking in all search engines and after some days you can check to indexing status using the GOOLGE INDEX CHECKER TOOL FREE  by,

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